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Analysis of the Other Services Area

The result of the Other Services Area in the first half 2010 decreased with respect to the same period of the previous year:

(millions of Euro)30-06-0930-06-10Abs. Change% Change
Area EBITDA10.77.8-2.9-27.2%
Group EBITDA271.3313.5+42.2+15.6%
Percentage3.9%2.5%-1.4 p.p. 

This result can be attributed to a contraction in activities in the telecommunications sector, which was affected by the termination of the contract for supply by Acantho to the Emilia Romagna Region.

A summary of the main economic indicators of the area is shown in the following table:

Income Statement
(millions of Euro)
30-06-09Inc.%30-06-10Inc%Abs. Change% Change
Revenues53.0 48.7 -4.3-8.1%
Operating costs(35.1)-66.2%(31.5)-64.6%-3.6-10.3%
Personnel costs(8.8)-16.6%(10.1)-20.7%+1.3+14.8%
Capitalised costs1.52.9%0.71.4%-0.8-52.3%

The public lighting services were significantly in line with the results of those of the first half of 2009, as illustrated by the performance of the main indicators shown in the table below:

Quantitative Data30-06-0930-06-10 Abs. Change% Change
Public lighting    
Light points (thousands)331.5331.5+0.0+0.0%
Municipalities served6261-1-1.6%
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