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Information Systems

During the first half of 2010, Hera Group information systems continued the course laid out earlier, operating in accordance with the following guidelines: efficiency in satisfying business needs, capacity to strengthen the operating efficiency of the companies and organisations of the Hera Group, promptness in updating information systems to sector regulations.

With regard to the internal efficiency of information systems, objectives were the improvement of information technology services provided, strengthening data processing architectures in line with the technologies available on the market and optimizing the operating and organizational work model.

Significant indicators of the contribution of information systems to the business activities of the Hera Group include the following regarding business in the first half:

  • approximately 8 million bills issued, including 60,000 sent in electronic form;
  • approximately 3,000 on-line tenders managed;
  • more than 52.000 emergency service calls managed;
  • approximately 1.7 million service requests, handled through four channels:
    • call centres;
    • physical branches;
    • mail;
    • internet.

During the first half of 2010, information systems managed about 45 projects, classified by the following types:

Supporting new business needs and satisfying sector regulatory requirements:

  • Defining the plan for evolution of the IT systems in compliance with the requirements of unbundling regulations and the launch of the Revision of the Data Form
  • Completing the planning activities to integrate the companies Prigeas and Gas Tecnica Galliera into the Group information systems
  • Updating of management information systems to meet various rules, both fiscal and regulatory, for example:
    • resolutions/reports for the Authority for Electrical Energy and Gas and the Anti-Trust Authority (AGCM) (ex. execution of the pre-check to facilitate communications with sellers, and regulatory compliance for technical and commercial quality)
    • compliance with the new European regulation SEPA Ė Single European Payment Area
  • evolution of the tariff components for GAS and Electricity
  • New engine for the business and mass market electricity services, to comply with resolutions on the listing of items on bills
  • Realisation of new commercial offers

Improving the efficiency of the Hera Groupís operating processes:

  • Implementation of the new integrated IT system supporting maintenance, operations and realisation of the Networks Department
  • Introduction of the Group Business Intelligence/Reporting system
  • Realisation of the new GIS systems for electric grids
  • Launch of the project for the new system for recording attendance of the Group
  • Adjustment of the systems to the new organisational structure relating to the Territorial Operating Structures - TOS
  • Start of the planning for the new Group document system

Reducing technological risk and improving the operational security and efficiency of information systems:

  • Reduction of the size of the SAP database
  • Continuation of the consolidation and enhancement of the technological infrastructure to support the steady increase in business volumes and to increase the level of reliability in the provision of services
  • Extension of monitoring tools to the main applications
  • Realisation of joint security services for the Hera Group (email gateway, text messages, antivirus, patching)

Lastly, it is noted that, starting from 1 January 2010 the new operating and organisational work model of the Hera Groupís IT systems became operational.

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