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Income Statement

thousands of Euro 30-jun-10
(6 months)
(6 months)
Revenues 41,805,4782,146,047
Change in inventories of finished products and work in progress412,020796
Other operating income5101,758106,167
Use of raw materials and consumables (net of changes in inventories of raw materials and stock)6-1,036,447-1,449,275
Costs for services7-387,930-423,143
Staff costs8-184,581-178,362
Amortisation, depreciation and allocations9-138,663-127,680
Other operating costs10-18,821-16,020
Capitalised costs1122,03585,132
Operating profit 174,849143,662
Portion of profits (losses) pertaining to associated companies124,3372,012
Financial income1355,3365,771
Financial charges13-114,448-59,602
 Total financial operations -54,775-51,819
Other non-operating costs140-2,729
Pre-tax profit 120,07489,114
Taxes for the period15-50,911-37,293
Net profit for the period 69,16351,821
Attributable to:   
Shareholders of Parent Company 62,57346,769
Minority shareholders 6,5905,052
Earnings per share15.1  
base  0.0560.045
diluted 0.0560.045

Comprehensive Income Statement

Thousands of Euro30/6/1030/6/09
Net profit/(loss)  for the period69,16351,821
- change in cash flow hedge reserve
  (net of tax effect)
- change in cash flow hedge reserve of companies carried at equity (net of tax effect)-455-331
Total profit/(loss)  for the period68,69349,421
Attributable to:  
Shareholders of Parent Company62,48144,491
Minority shareholders6,2124,930