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5 Other operating income

 1st half 20101st half 2009Change
Long-term construction contracts65,45875,156-9,698
Insurance reimbursements4322,734-2,302
Sale of materials and stocks to third parties468242226
Portion of capital grants1,8291,724105
White certificates5,1004,258842
Grey certificates2,52502,525
Portion of operating grants and grants for separate waste collection6,9756,743232
Use and re-assessment of provisions11,3842,4128,972
Gains from sale of assets2,4864832,003
Costs reimbursed1,4841,017467
Other revenues2,90510,507-7,602

The most substantial changes compared to the same period in the previous year are described below.

"Long-term construction contracts" include revenues generated from the construction or improvement of infrastructures held in concession. The value relative to the first half of 2009 has been exposed for comparison purposes to reflect the application of the interpretation of IFRIC 12. In this regard, see the first paragraph of these notes.

"Insurance reimbursements" record a decrease of Euro 2,302 thousand. The first half of 2009 includes reimbursements received following damages which occurred to the WDF - waste derived fuel and energy recovery plants in Ravenna and the waste-to-energy plant in Modena. During the first half of 2010, reimbursements were for moderate damages, mainly regarding the Parent company and the subsidiary Hera Luce S.r.l., for a total of Euro 386 thousand.

"White and grey certificates" record income generated from invoicing done by the Parent company which occurred during the reporting period.
In line with the previous period, "Portion of operating grants and grants for separate waste collection" is mainly made up of grants made to the Parent company for volumes of packaging (cardboard, iron, plastic and glass) deriving from separate waste collection and sold to the Consortiums of the Conai chain and for the collection of electric and electronic equipment transferred to the Raee Coordination Centre.

"Use and re-assessment of provisions" mainly includes uses of the provision for doubtful debts, for Euro 8,000 thousand, the provision for staff disputes and legal costs, for Euro 150 thousand and the provision for sundry risks, for Euro 269 thousand, as well as Euro 2,293 thousand for use of labour, leachate and resource hour costs as regards Group landfills.

"Gains from the sale of assets" were totalled from the disposal of the real estate complex in Bologna on Via Ranzani, as well as of resources, waste disposal bins and sundry equipment.

"Other revenues" are mainly made up of revenues pertaining to the contract stipulated for the exploitation of biogas produced by landfills and of the recovery of costs for environmental services. The decrease in this item compared to the previous period is mainly due to fewer environmental services, Euro 3,745 thousand, and to activities related to the brokerage of waste processing for partner plants, Euro 2,310 thousand, classified starting from 30 June 2010 under the item revenues from sales and services.

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