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7 Costs for services

 1st half 20101st half 2009Change
Industrial utilities (water, methane, heat and electricity)1,0711,590-519
Charges for works and maintenance124,720174,708-49,988
Transport and storage63,92149,39614,525
Insurance costs6,4006,412-12
Cleaning and security costs2,6432,698-55
Waste transportation, disposal and collection services81,96776,0035,964
Announcements and advertising3,1374,044-907
Technical services6,0636,716-653
Legal, tax and organisation professional services9,59110,459-868
Remuneration of Directors and Statutory Auditors2,5442,791-247
Meter reading2,6572,661-4
Postal and telephone costs7,7968,938-1,142
Recruiting, training and other staff costs5,3175,30710
IT and CED services7,1472,9944,153
Laboratory analyses1,6711,799-128
Bank fees and other charges3,7303,455275
Fees paid to local authorities35,14237,240-2,098
Rents and leases payable8,44513,864-5,419
Rental expenses1,9031,579324

The most substantial changes by comparison with the previous year are described below.

"Charges for works and maintenance". This item includes costs relating to the construction, or improvement, of infrastructures held in concession. The value relative to the first half of 2010 has been exposed for comparison purposes to reflect the application of the interpretation of IFRIC 12. In this regard, see the first paragraph of these notes. In terms of higher costs, the effect equals Euro 55,944 thousand. The decrease from last year is mainly due to the total demerger of the Territorial Operative Companies (TOC), effective during the 2009 financial year. In particular, with this transaction, the service contract by the same TOC on behalf of the parent company was terminated. These services were then capitalised by Hera Spa with a balancing entry the item "Capitalised costs".

"Energy transport and storage"; the increase is attributable to higher volumes of electricity sold on third party grids.

"Waste transportation, disposal and collection services"; the increase can be attributed to more waste management services provided in some Municipalities. This increase in costs was followed by an increase in revenues which were included in the tariff (TIA).

"IT and CED services"; the increase of Euro 2,700 thousand is due to a restatement carried out on 30 June 2010 by a Group company of the costs for telephony services to other operators (costs which as at 30 June 2009 were classified under the item "rents and leases payable").

"Fees paid to local authorities"; the decrease is mainly due to the advance termination of the rental contract with Area Asset and Con.Ami as at 1 July 2009. As a consequence, a decrease was recorded in the first half of 2010 compared to the same period of the previous year.

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