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11 Capitalised costs

 1st half 20101st half 2009Change
Increases in fixed assets for internal works22,03585,132-63,097

Increases for internal works in the first half of 2010 mainly include directly chargeable labour capitalised on works carried out, and directly chargeable financial charges and other charges, such as outbound inventory movements and motor car hours. The value relative to the first half of 2010 has been exposed for comparison purposes to reflect the application of the interpretation of IFRIC 12. In this regard, see the first paragraph of these notes. In terms of lower capitalised costs, the effect equals Euro 19,212 thousand. The decrease from last year is mainly due to the total demerger of the Territorial Operative Companies (TOC), effective during the 2009 financial year. In particular, with this transaction, the service contract by the same TOC on behalf of the parent company was terminated. These services were then capitalised by Hera Spa with a balancing entry the item "Capitalised costs".

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