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Balance Sheet - Liabilities

thousands of Euro30-jun-201031-dec-2009
Share capital and reserves29
Share capital1,115,0141,115,014
- Reserve for own shares at par value-3,453-2,893
- Reserve for own shares value exceeding par value-2,043-1,739
Reserves for derivative instruments valued at fair value-18,978-12,995
Retained earnings (losses)2,0612,061
Profit (loss) for the period62,57371,052
Group shareholders' equity1,616,4531,642,606
Minority interest share57,22458,125
Total shareholders' equity1,673,6771,700,731
Non-current liabilities
Loans - maturing beyond the next year302,160,1722,144,857
Employee leaving indemnity and other benefits3198,886101,017
Provisions for risks and charges32193,845186,200
Deferred tax liabilities33134,465132,801
Payables for financial leases - maturing beyond the next year347,6409,379
Financial instruments - derivatives2235,79240,394
Current liabilities
Banks and other borrowings - maturing within the next year30123,442113,039
Financial leasing payables maturing within the next year346,6357,148
Trade payables35841,6261,048,214
Income taxes payable36231,67580,213
Other current liabilities37238,815223,328
Financial instruments - derivatives2226,65354,633
Total liabilities4,099,6464,141,223
Total shareholders' equity and liabilities5,773,3235,841,954